Friday, February 15, 2008


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

LSU's replacement for John Brady

1. Anthony Grant - appears to be a done deal. His relationship with John Pelphrey and Billy Donovan makes this very interesting. How about Billy Donovan cornering the SEC coaches market. The SEC West needs this to happen.

2. The only other name on the table is Scott Drew. He would be a great coach but he is no Anthony Grant.


Wednesday, December 19, 2007



Don't you guys find it interesting that after no coverage from the Dallas Morning News for 2 months all of the sudden there were 2 leaks in back to back days?

Is Orsini softening the blow because he doesn't have that homerun hire? Or is leaking a couple of lesser candidates to make his hire look better?

If he were going to hire Coker or Fran a.) he would have interviewed them long before this week. b.) he could have them both hired today.

Steve-O is obviously putting the heat on another candidate to let him know that there are other fish in the sea. My advice: the second Rick Neuheisal gets turned down at UCLA announce the hire.

There are many that think Steve-O has some secret coach lined up and ready to take the job, if that were the case the leaks would not have happened this week.


I give a ton of credit to Bill Martin, I was certain they were going to have to reach. Michigan fans should be totally pumped. Rich Rod will give Tressell a run for his money.

Rick Neuhiesal had a second interview yesterday. It obviously didn't go to good or we would be watching a presser today.

Supposedly Steve Kragthorpe is getting a call today. Kragthorpe is a good coach, but good luck selling his 6-6 record this year to your support base.

I still can't tell if Mike Leach got interviewed or not, he should have.

Did Steve Mariucci have bad breath or something? He interviews early and then you move on to John Harbaugh?

Your guess is as good as mine.

West Virginia

These guys seem to know what they are doing. They had a list ready and have interviewed the candidates on the list already.

I don't think Terry Bowden can campaign hard enough to win the gig.

I am told Doc Holliday is the favorite but that some are pushing for Butch Jones. Doc Holliday - he even sounds like a badass.

Todd Graham has not been contacted yet but would be a great coach. I think Graham is getting overlooked due to Krag's lackluster performance this year. I know two different guys, but if you don't think ADs pay attention to that think again.

Rick Trickett got an interview and did very well.

In the end, I think it will be between Terry Bowden and Doc. Doc wins

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Hoggy Petrino

Congratulations Hog fans, what a great hire! I honestly did not think Jeff Long could pull it off. Everyone should be EXTATIC regardless of what the talking heads have had to say.

I have been dismayed and disappointed by the irresponsibility of the national media’s reporting of this situation. They have made Michael Vick and martyr and Bobby Petrino a demon. What in the world has this world come to? Apparently you are better off pleading guilty to federal charges than making a career change. Those that put those two in comparison should be ashamed.

In this day in age when coaches can be, and are fired at the drop of a hat, Petrino struck first. Had Arthur Blank fired Petrino do you think there would be this massive outcry saying poor poor Bobby? Hell no, But instead, certain national broadcasters are now making a specific effort to harm a University by going on national television and national radio making pitches to recruits to not go to Arkansas to play for Petrino. It is one thing to disagree with a decision but another to inappropriately use your forum to deliberately attempt to harm a University. Those that have done so should be ashamed, particularly since most of them have never been or coach or would ever be considered for a coaching position. We will all remember them when they decide to make a career change that we disagree with.

I commend Petrino for following his heart and going back to college. The man took a $2 million pay cut to follow his passion, how many of the talking heads would make that choice?

I can somewhat understand the vagabond references used when discussing Petrino, but at 46 how many more times can he drift? And if Arkansas was so dumb to hire him since he is sure to bail, what about the next school that is supposedly going to hire him? Nearly every column I read said he would leave for the next big paycheck, how many times can I say pay cut? How can you rip him for leaving Louisville to go the NFL? That chance doesn’t come along every day and he tried it and it didn’t work out. This type of change happens in corporate America every day and it is viewed as the norm.

So my advice to Arkansas fans - as you read those derogatory columns, please make note there is 0-criticism of his on the field product. You are about to experience some of the best football you have ever seen. My advice to recruits - don’t let some mouth in Connecticut keep you from going to play for one of the best coaches in the country.


Congratulations to Houston and Kevin Sumlin, this a great hire for many reasons. I wish you both the best of luck. Kevin Sumlin will do a great job.


Chan Gailey is now being mentioned for the Duke job. He would be a great hire there, as I am told he is now out at SMU.

Duke has some great options, but none so far are really head and shoulders above the rest of the candidates so make a choice and move on.




Early on I thought I had a feel for this job, I guess I don't. The one new name I heard was Norm Chow. If Norm doesn't get another head job look for SMU to possibly give him the shot he deserves at being a head coach. IF he is truly an option (like I am told) touchdown Orsini!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Mus Will make you Champs!

Hog fans, I am told that for whatever reason there is a holdup on the WM hire. I am not sure if UA has something better in their sites, but if it is not Bobby Petrino, there is not anything better. Sources tell me Petrino is slow playing Arkansas in case that Les Miles bolts to Michigan (which may still happen).

I am telling you, Muschamp is a winner and will make you proud. You do not find assistants that are as beloved by fans as much as Will very often. Call and email your leadership and let them know you support Muschamp. Arkansas will not get this chance again. I can assure you if Mark Richt left today Will Muschamp would be the coach of the Georgia Bulldogs, if he is good enough for Georgia the Hogs needs to jump at this chance.

Again, Bobby Petrino would be a homerun, but I don't see it. The names I have heard after that don't come close. Hire Will Muschamp if you want to fix your program.


Supposedly Bobby Johnson is out at Duke. Rick Neuheisal has managed to find his way in another search.

Broadway may be inching closer to the top.

As I predicted yesterday, Gus Malzahn interviewed for the Houston job. He is an impressive guy and I heard it went well.

3 interviews today but who were they. What is Orsini waiting on?

Monday, December 10, 2007

Monday Madness

I open with an apology to all the English teachers that have been proofing my work. I will do a better job, but I am more concerned about information than grammer lessons.


Bobby Petrino - will he say yes? He did not tell Jeff Long to not come to Atlanta tonight. Is he using Arkansas to get something out of Blank? Does Blank care if he leaves? If he does why did he tell Arkansas it was ok to talk with him as long as they waited until after MNF?

Lane Kiffin - I thought he was out of the picture but he is 1 of the 4 finalists. If BP says no tonight then Kiffin will have a decision to make tomorrow.

Will Muschamp - Again, Muschamp is salivating for this job. Personally, I think he is the right fit, but it will take the 2 above to say no.

Brent Venables - If all the 3 above say no then Arkansas will have 1 heck of a coach.


Bobby Johnson jumps in the race, if he takes this job Duke gets an A++. Heck of a coach. (I am already trying to figure out who Vandy would hire)


Michael Haywood is getting a ton of support, but look for Gus Malzahn to campaign a little harder for this job now that he realizes he is out of the picture at Arkansas. I look for Haywood to get the job.

(same names as Saturday with these added)

Cam Cameron? - If he even gets an interview Michigan fans need to revolt.

Steve Sarkisian - I heard his name for the first time last night. He would be a great hire, I am sure geography and the fact he is an assitant is a hold-up; it shouldn't be.

Les Miles - the media won't let this go, there could be something fishy going on here. If I were Skip Bertman I would be darn careful here.


Pony fans, I was told that the June Jones meeting didn't happen. I think this is Chan Gailey's job to turn down, but if that is the case what is the hold-up. If there is not a hire soon, there has to be an active NFL coach involved. Orsini is as tight-lipped as ever.

Southern Miss

Larry Fedora out? Kevin Wilson in? If so, Southern Miss got lucky.


The only update I have is that Chris Peterson is 100% out of consideration. Norm Chow got an interview this morning. Bronco Mendenhall might be gaining favor.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Times have changed

(Sorry I haven't posted much lately. I have been on the road and was actually asked by a certain university official to quit posting for a few days. So i honored their wishes. if i quit posting about this school only my inbox would self destruct)

In 1999 there were 5 coaches that made $1 million or more. Today there are 42. So with money available across the board in every conference, coaches don't have to jump ship to that next job in that bigger conference, Jim Grobe elected to stay at Wake, can you blame him? He can do ok at Wake and be the best thing since sliced bread, or you can go to Arkansas where they demand excellence. Some coaches can't handle the pressure some thrive on it. My point is to Arkansas fans and Michigan fans that think you are the laughing stock, no way, you are just part of the norm.

If you want my opinion you got damn lucky Grobe changed his mind. Grobe is used to recruiting a different type of player than what it takes to win in the SEC. This was so similar to Dana Altman it is scary. There is 1 John Pelphrey candidate out there that really really wants this job, Will Muschamp. Let the people in charge know that you are willing to accept a coordintaor.

I am told Jeff Long really wants to hire a head coach. Guys,
Brian Kelly - knows how to win but he can't recruit and ignite your fan base like will Muschamp could.

Skip Holtz, good coach but not for Arkansa right now or ever perhaps.

Bobby Petrino would be a homerun, but i am afraid he is flirting with his friends date at the scholl dance, making eyes but scared to make the move. (There are some people convinved it is Petrino, I am not one of them.) If you can get Petrino but have to wait for NFL to end that is what you do. he can make up the recruiting, it is harder to make up for bad hire. But you better make darn sure he is coming if you wait.

Will Muschamp is the perfect fit, will Jeff Long have the courage to make the hire?

For the Malzahn fans, look for him to interview to replace Larry Fedora, who just took the Southern Miss job.

Duke has some great candidates to choose from.

Rod Broadway (this guy flat out knows how to win)

Karl Dorrell - he would bring respectablitiy to the Duke program

David Cutcliff - would get you a 4-5 start QB off the top and would have your offense humming. Do it

Brian Kelly - a much better fit at Michigan than Arkansas. I am told he has pissed of somoene of importance their somehow. That is a shame cause he would be the perfect coach their.

Ron English - keep it in the family. He would provide stability and a smooth transisiton. He would be a great hire.

Brady Hoke - This guy knows football, will the Michigan faithful revolt if they had to stoop to Ball State to get their coach.

Jeff Tedford - I was told Tedford to Michigan still has a pulse, i dont see it happening.

I am told that Rick Neuhiesal is out of the running, if that is true that is a shame.

Dom Capers - SMU has visited with him, i am not sure of his interest.

Fran - brings TX recruiting knowledge but also brings i just failed at A&M also.

Glen Mason - i was told he had another interview recently.

Chan Gailey - would be a great fit and who i think is most likely.

I don't know what UCLA is waiting on, hire Mike Leach and be done with it. I understand there is a strong faction wanting to keep Dwayne Walker, not a bad idea but also not a fresh start. The fastest way to start stealing Pete Carroll' skilled athletes is to Bing in Mike Leach and let him open it up.

Chris Peterson - now that the search firm is involved look for Peterson to get the job

Steve Mariucci vs. Pete Carroll would be a great game to watch every year.

Steve Sarkisian - why he isn't a head coach right now i will never understand